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You can never have too many customers & keeping your company name at the forefront of everyone’s minds for the services you offer should be key to moving your business forward.

Do you get time to create a marketing plan for the year & do you know what marketing activities you could be doing each month to increase your profits?

Ways we can work together to improve your marketing:

  • Work with you to create an annual Marketing Plan so you can clearly set your promotions each month to increase your profits;
  • Design and send your own Marketing Campaigns using Mailchimp.  Do you have a database of client but never contact them? I can set up campaigns on your behalf or teach you how to do it yourself;
  • Not got a website?  I can help you get online in a cost-effective way so people can find your services through the internet;
  • Regular newsletters to your clients to keep communications channels  & opportunities open (using Mailchimp);
  • Website performance analysis & suggested improvements;
  • Identify cost effective channels of promoting your business in your area of expertise.

Sometimes you can be so close to your own business & miss the most obvious opportunities that could open so many more doors for your business.

Need some help in this area?  Get in touch.